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Blue Water

Lake Kasshabog Dam

Kasshabog Lake is a land-locked, relatively shallow, rocky lake and home to 621 cottagers. For this reason, lake levels and the dam that controls them are important to residents.

Key Dam Facts 

  • Reconstructed in 1956

  • Built by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR)

  • Lake level monitored and controlled by Crowe Valley Conservation Authority

  • Dam Dimensions: 6.71 m long by 3.55 m high

  • Single bay of logs 4.27 m long

  • 7 logs at 0.25 m x 0.30 m

  • 1 log at 0.25 m x 0.15 m

  • Fall drawdown commences annually on October 15

  • The dam underwent major reconstruction and repairs in 2012

Kasshabog Dam.jpg

​Background to The Dam Fund


The Kasshabog Dam was reconstructed in 1956 and is owned by the current Ontario ​Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry ('NDMNRF') which has contracted with the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority to monitor and control lake levels. In 2001, a representative from the then MNRF, indicated that if the dam had major issues and other lakes were in the same position, MNR would have to prioritize which lake would receive the work first. It was decided that an emergency dam fund might allow us to have funds on hand to contribute, and therefore expedite our priority status. Thus, a Dam Fund was formed.

In 2002, the Lake Kasshabog Residents Association (LKRA) kick-started the fund with $1000 from LKRA reserves and transferred $2 from every membership that year to maintain fund growth. Over the years, the fund has grown from personal and community donations.


In 2019, the LKRA corresponded with the MNRF to clarify and update LKRA’s financial responsibility for maintaining, repairing, and improving the Dam. As a result of these consultations, the LKRA changed the designation of the monies held in the Kasshabog Lake Dam fund from “restricted” to “unrestricted”. This change in designation now frees up these funds so they may be used for other initiatives and projects that will fulfill the goals and objectives of the LKRA.  At the 2023 AGM, a special resolution was tabled and passed by those attending.  As of December 31, 2022, the Dam Fund sat at $20,104.50. An in-person meeting was held during the summer of 2023 for residents to brainstorm and share ideas on how these funds should best be put to work to enhance the lake. Subsequently, a committee has been formed in early 2024 to determine guidelines and parameters for suitable projects. They will table a report at the 2024 AGM.

Kasshabog Staff Gauge.jpg
Kasshabog Overhead Cable.jpg

A Historic Inside Look at Replacement of Kasshabog Lake Dam Logs October 17, 2013. Our thanks to the Crowe Valley Conservation                                                                              Authority staff for providing these Dam pictures.  

Current Status


In the spring of 2022, the LKRA had further discussions with the NDMNRF who once again confirmed:

“The ongoing and long-term maintenance, improvements and repairs of the Kasshabog Lake dam are the responsibility of the NDMNRF as the owner of this structure.  NDMNRF contracts routine monitoring and maintenance to the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority. NDMNRF dam projects are prioritized provincially and regionally and are programmed subject to funding availability. Stakeholder contributions to a project can be considered through specific partnership arrangements as per Section 74 of the Public Lands Act.

Major capital expenditure on the Lake Kasshabog dam is a priority for the ministry and the dam is on the ministry’s long-term infrastructure plan.  The Kasshabog Lake dam was last inspected in 2018.  Typically, dams are inspected every five years.  The next one would be due in 2023.”

At the April 7th LKRA Executive Meeting, a decision was taken to renew the current Dam Funds invested in a GIC for another year. The Executive agreed that no further action would be taken to reallocate these funds until the outcome of the inspection in 2023 was known.  

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