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Blue Water

Maps & Stats

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Key Lake Stats

Source: Crowe Valley Conservation Authority (CVCA) -1994

Location: Peterborough County, Ontario
Coordinates: 44°37′53″N 77°57′53″W
Part of: Great Lakes Basin
Primary inflows: North River
Primary outflows: North River
Size: 2,000 acres / 809 hectares
Shoreline: Approximately 47 miles / 80km
Depth: Average depth is 15 feet / 5 metres, with deep holes
Deepest point: 78.feet / 24 metres
Summer level: 262.16 metres above sea level
Winter level: 261.7 metres above sea level
100 year Flood: 262.70 metres above sea level
Surface Elevation: 860.2 ft / 262.2 metres

Lake Levels and Surveys

Source: Ontario Ministry of the Environment – 1978

  • The regulated lake level was established in the early 1950s by the Department of Lands and Forests.

  • Reviewed and maintained in 1960s by the Department of Lands and Forests.

  • Altered in 1978 and again in 1981 by CVCA in cooperation with MNR.

  • Lake bottom mapped in 1961 by CVCA. Lake was surveyed by MNR in 1973, and updated in 1979.

  • The CVCA monitors the lake level of Lake Kasshabog via an electronic gauge located on the south side of Connor Bay (it’s the concrete and steel structure on the waters’ edge near the landing off FR-75 also known as South Connor Bay Road). Levels are recorded every 4 hours. There are also two staff gauges; one located at the west end of the dam, and the other at Stoney Point Marina.

  • The land surrounding the lake is typical of the Precambrian Shield, with bare rock ridges, and shallow till. Much of the surrounding area has low wet areas, with organic bottom deposits.

Climatic Data

  • Elevation: 262 metres above sea level

  • Mean annual temperature: 6 C

  • Mean April temperature: 11 C

  • Mean July temperature: 26 C

  • Mean October temperature: 14 C

  • Mean annual precipitation: 80 cm

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