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Stay In Touch

How Our Community Connects


Keeping in touch on the lake is important. Recently, the Lake Kasshabog Residents Association re-evaluated all its platforms in an effort to serve you better and build a healthier lake community. 

LKRA Website   

Welcome to our website! We hope you find it informative and easy to navigate. You’ll find useful information about the lake, government issues, and the work of the LKRA.  You’ll also find news about upcoming lake events and issues affecting your property.  This website is the best place to sign up for your annual membership as well as
Kosh Lake E-News


Annual LKRA Yearbook 

This annual publication provides a detailed, up-to-date summary of LKRA's activities. It is published in June each year and hand-delivered in hard-copy form to cottagers by a group of dedicated volunteers. You can view the current issue on this website by clicking here.

Kosh Lake News (E-News)  

Sign up to receive this electronic news once a month. The E-News has a fresh look and is easy to read. There's lots of short, interesting news, environmental, and social posts to keep you in the know. Subscribe here.


LKRA Facebook Page  This is the official FB page for the Association.  The LKRA Executive posts news and information of interest to cottagers year-round. 

Facebook Group

Lake Kasshabog’er This is a private group involving 2,500 members. Most are Kosh lake residents who know and love the lake. This group shares timely lake, association, and cottage information as well as photos and comments.  It can be an excellent vehicle for obtaining fellow cottager input.  


Facebook Group - Buy n' Sell

Lake Kasshabog’er Buy and Sell  This is a private group of 890 members. The platform allows Kosh residents to buy and sell cottage-related items with others on the lake, thereby encouraging reduction and reuse.  

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