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Blue Water

Recent Environment Events

Special Waterfront Workshop
    Sat. Aug 26th 9 am, 2023

LKRA is very interested in lobbying Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Township to implement shoreline protection by-laws. On Saturday, August 26, 2023 at 09:00 a.m., NORKLA (North Kawartha Lakes Associations), similar to our HBMLA (Havelock Belmont Methuen Lake Associations), held an informative workshop with two excellent speakers. All lake residents were welcome.  CLICK HERE  for more information about this meeting.

Declining Loon Population Webinar


As covered in a recent issue of Cottage Life, Canada's Loon population is in decline. In April 2023, a free webinar was hosted by Jack Lake, with Chandos and Kasshabog partners. A Kosh Lake resident who attended the workshop had this to say:

“The webinar on Our Declining Loon Population was full of statistical info and interesting facts about loons & the impact of their environment. The loon population in Canada is definitely going down and the presentation analyzed the reasons for this trend.  Acid and mercury levels in our lakes have an impact.  But, it was made clear that the biggest killer of loons is lead poisoning. The  loons are eating fish that have been released with lead fishing tackle in them – a very upsetting piece of info.”  Paula Lockhart 

Wolfe Lake has launched an innovative program to try to reduce lead poisoning by fishing tackle. Their website has great background on this issue Fish Lead-Free | Wolfe Lake.

The LKRA is meeting with the HBMLA (Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Lake Associations) to advocate that we have a similar program coordinated with all the lakes in HBM.  
Loon surveys play an important role in uncovering what is happening with loon populations.  If anyone is interested in a Kasshabog-specific program please contact


Natural Edge Workshop

Watershed Workshop.jpg

Raptors Ruled   

On Saturday, June 10, 2023 residents attending the free Watersheds Canada Workshop learned firsthand how a naturalized waterfront impacts the water quality on Kosh. Owners' specific concerns were addressed and everyone took home a beautiful native plant to enhance their own waterfront. Thanks to Penny Boyd for her help with this event. Watch for more information to be posted here concerning the workshop. In the meantime, you can visit Watersheds Canada for more information.





KoshSmart BINGO Contest

On Saturday, June 24, 2023 The Eyrie Birds of Prey Centre came to Kasshabog with some of their magnificent Raptors: a Harris Hawk, a great horned owl, a bald eagle, a red-tailed hawk, and finally a lanner falcon!  The weather and turnout were great!

Here's what people had to say:  

"Thanks for doing this and letting my granddaughter see mighty birds up close."

"Great presentation. Appreciate you bringing this to the lake!"

"It was fantastic!!! To be able to see the birds up close was incredible!!"

Thanks to Cynthia Cole for organizing this amazing event, and to Covia for their sponsorship.

Here’s a fun and easy way for your family and friends to enjoy a game of BINGO this summer and help the environment at the same time. Play KoshSmart BINGO and have a chance to win a bat box to put up around your cottage! 

How it Works:

  • Simply print off this BINGO Card and mark an X as items are completed. 

  • Once you have a BINGO (full row of 5 items: horizontal; vertical; diagonal) email your completed card to to be entered in the prize draw. 

Can you play more than one card?  Certainly, but you must submit a different horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line than previously claimed. And if a space is overlapped, you’ll have to do redo that activity.

The game will run until the end of August 2023 and is open to all paid-up LKRA Members. The deadline for entry submissions is September 5, 2023. (The draw will be September 7, 2023.)

First Nations Teachings and Perspectives 

Curve Lake.png

On May 25, 2023, Jack Hogarth, the Cultural Archivist and Engagement officer at the Curve Lake Nation Cultural Centre, presented a brief history of the Mississauga Anishinaabe, an overview of archaeology within the Kawarthas, and steps towards repatriation.  

 Jack Lake Wildlife Webinar

The February 2023 wildlife webinar, hosted by Jack Lake was interesting and informative. Speaker Dr. Thom Luloff from the Kawartha Wildlife Centre is passionate and knowledgeable about wildlife rehabilitation.  Find out more by visiting Kawartha Wildlife Centre


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