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Penny Boyd is one of those special people on the lake. A resident of Lakefield, she and her family now cottage every summer on Long Island.  She has been a textile artist, spinner, and weaver, for 40 years, and has also been an amateur painter all her life. Her formal design background was honed through the Sheridan College design program and later through the Western University Fine Arts program where she received her Fine Arts degree.


What makes Penny particularly unique is her interest in environmental issues.  She often uses reclaimed materials in both her textiles and artwork. In 2023 she organized classes at the Lake on recycling textiles into rugs and making a wire tree sculpture on scavenged rock or wood. Over 30 Kasshabog residents attended these workshops and Penny donated over $600 in proceeds to the LKRA Environment Fund.   

Current Volunteer Opportunities

The LKRA Board is a small group dedicated to ensuring all residents can enjoy a safe, interesting, and sustainable life on Kosh Lake. We are seeking new members to come on board at the May AGM. We are specifically looking for residents interested in the areas of environment, safety, volunteer management and event planning. Click HERE for more information.  Have a question? Please contact  

If you're not available to join the Board but would like to help in a small way, please complete the form below and let us know how you can help. If each family does a few hours each year we can sustain the same quality of Kosh life that we have come to enjoy! 

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