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Blue Water

The Regatta

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Since 1958, the Annual Regatta has been a summer highlight for Kosh Lake families on the Saturday and Sunday of the August long weekend. And, if the weather doesn’t co-operate, each day’s events get moved to the following day with a holiday Monday as the backup.


On Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6, 2023 . . .

a wonderful time was had by all at the 65th anniversary Regatta weekend, and many lasting memories were made! 

Once again a big thanks to the 2023 Regatta sponsors!  

The Cottage - Decorated Canoes  
Labelcraft -  Kid’s Corner 
The MacPherson Family
 Candy Run
Town ‘N Country Storage - 65th Celebration Cake!

COVIA-  50/50 draw Prizes

Telfords Farms - Egg Toss
A special shout out to Jan Prentice who ran the regatta for ten years from 2010-2019. When Stacey and Thomas needed to step down after last year’s Regatta, we started looking for a new team to run the 65th Annual Regatta.  After all, it was our 75th Anniversary!  When no one stepped forward, Jan jumped in to save the day with Hazel Higley by her side. So, when you run into your lake neighbours be sure to say a GREAT BIG THANKS!

2023 Regatta Wrap-Up

Saturday Highlights

With sunny skies and a perfect day on Saturday, our 65th regatta was a great success. With well over 500 people in attendance, our water and land races went smoothly. The pictures above captured the day. One of our biggest lineups was the tie-dye t-shirt tables with our busy volunteers Bobby, Tom, and Karen up to their elbows in dye.  Excellent job!  Our many volunteers jumped in to assist with setup and take down, judging events, assisting with ropes and sound systems, running the races, and tracking the winners. Our final event of the afternoon was the egg toss with 240 people taking part in this event stretching from one end of the beach to the other end. For race results Click HERE.

Sunday Highlights

Sunday was a beautiful calm water day, great for all our water skiers but not so good for the sailing enthusiasts!  A later start time saw a number of sailers inch their way across the lake. A big thank you to Mike and Tracey Warswick for setting up and running this event each year and to the Jamison family for their beach on the finish line. For Skiing, Marathon and Volleyball results CLICK HERE.  For Sailing results CLICK HERE. 


Thank you to Randy and Kelly Cosgrove for preparing and sharing their beautiful beachfront for our Sunday afternoon event.  Our volleyball on the beach had 22 teams competing for the yearly bragging rights with many spectators out to watch.  Kosh Lake has some talented water skiers, and this year they competed and put on an exceptional display. Thanks to Bob Holmes and his crew of helpers for keeping the ski course in great condition so we can keep this event running smoothly at our Regatta.  A big shout-out to all the cottagers for the afternoon disruption on the water in front of the course. We hope you enjoyed the ski show, too!  A final thanks to Randy Cosgrove who assisted in the announcing on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. 


In Closing

The Regatta is a traditional event that I have personally enjoyed for over 50 years now and look forward to every summer. Your cottage memberships and support from the LKRA and volunteers keep this event running. Cheers to you and another great Kosh Lake 65th Regatta.  See you next year! Jan Prentice


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