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Photo Contest

2023 LKRA Photo Contest Results


Over 85 great photos were submitted to last year’s Photo Contest. Congratulations to the 2023 winning photographers in each category and to Sandra Richardson for receiving the Best Overall Photo award in 2023. To see all winning pictures scroll to the right. Many thanks to Brenda Livingstone and Diana Erwin for their help in organizing and judging the 2023 event.



RULES - 2023 LKRA Photo Contest - New Rules for 2024 Soon!


We are looking forward to celebrating a special summer on Lake Kasshabog. The perfect way to kick it off is with the 2023 LKRA Photo Contest! This year there will be prizes for winning photos - in the form of gift certificates, redeemable at Stoney Point Marina and some new categories. Winning photos will be posted on our LKRA website in early September and included in next year’s Yearbook. You may also see them pop up from time to time in our monthly E-News, too! The rules of the contest are: 

  • The photo contest is open to families of all paid-up 2023 LKRA members.

  • You must have taken the photo you submit (amateur photos only) and not submitted the photograph before.  

  • Digital entries only. The entries must be sent electronically as jpeg files and should be at least 5 megapixels or 2560 x 1950 pixels with an image setting of high. High-resolution photos are best for reproduction. If using a mobile device, ensure your camera is set to the highest possible resolution. We will be unable to accept photos not meeting these criteria.

  • Each photo can be entered into one category only. A maximum of 5 entries per person will be accepted.

  • By submitting the photos, you are giving permission to the LKRA to reproduce your photo(s) in print and 
    electronically. You will receive a photo credit.

  • For a photo where a person is recognizable, you must have permission (and in the case of a child or minor,
    permission from the parent or guardian.)

  • Judges and immediate family are, of course, not eligible.


  1. Funny Moments: Outtakes, humorous situations/scenarios, unexpected moments

  2. Making A Splash: Favourite active recreation captures

  3. Wildlife Adventures: Amazing shots of the creatures we share our lake and forests with

  4. Simply Landscapes: Kosh lake landscapes year-round from sunrise to sunset

  5. Life on Kosh: The places, people or activities that ground you to Kosh

  • Email your entries  by July 31, 2023

  • For each submission, please use the following format to name your photo: category_name_address_caption.jpeg

  • For example: funnymoments_Bsmith_16FR80A_whoopsmissed.jpeg

  • Note: please use your cottage location as your address

Winner Selection:
  • Pictures will be judged based on originality, creativity, uniqueness and relevance to the submission category.


We had some fantastic entries last year. We can’t wait to see your photos and memories this year!