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Member Run Committees

Click the titles to learn more about each committee.

HBMLA Liaison Committee             

Jennifer Cummings
Rick Rye
Kathryn Jones



Jan Prentice
Hazel Higley


Community Hall/ Library (Municipal)

Lorraine Day

Cathy Cameron
Karen Hubert 

Covia PLC

Rob Milne
Rick Rye
Peter Patterson
Dawn Mitchell


Marker Program

Ted Ward-Griffin

Kenny Little



HBMLA Liaison Committee

The Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Lakes Association (HBMLA) is a volunteer organization with appointed representatives from each of the lakes within the Township of Havelock-Belmont-Methuen.  

The Association typically meets in person or online once or twice a year to discuss concerns, issues, and opportunities experienced by lake residents.  Potential remedies to common concerns may be more effectively pursued as a collective group rather than dealt with separately, especially when dealing with the Township or other levels of government.  The HBMLA represents concerns of the township’s lakes at local council meetings and makes presentations when appropriate to solicit action and solutions. For information contact 


Regatta Committee

The Regatta is held on Saturday and Sunday of the August long weekend. If the weather doesn’t co-operate, each day’s events get moved to the following day with the holiday Monday as the backup. A core regatta committee heads up the planning for each year’s event. However, the success of the regatta depends largely upon the many volunteers who bring their enthusiasm and energy to the two-day event. We have a list of great volunteers; the remainder are recruited late spring. If you would like to help, please reach out today.


Community Hall/Library Committee

This independent committee is focused on overseeing the booking and use of the Lake Kasshabog Community Hall/Library for the Kosh Lake community. It also looks after the interior space and makes it available to individuals and groups who are interested in using the building. The building and grounds are maintained by HBM Township and the committee is independent of the LKRA. The committee members for 2024 are Lorraine Day, Cathy Cameron and Karen Hubert. To contact the committee for information about the building’s use, and availability please email


Covia Mine Advisory Committee

The Covia Mine Advisory Committee, better known as the Lake Kasshabog Public Liasion Committee (PLC), provides regular communication between Lake Kasshabog Residents and Covia. Specifically, its goal is:

  • To provide a forum to reinforce a positive and constructive relationship with the residents of Lake Kasshabog

  • To identify and remedy issues in a timely and cooperative manner

  • To enable the development of goodwill initiatives with the community and;

  • To establish networks and relationships that will help sustain the facility and minimize any impact on neighbours.

This formation of this committee resulted from a situation many years ago when excessive dust emanated from the mine over the lake. It was stipulated in the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) that Covia was required to establish a Public Liaison Committee to serve as a forum to monitor the construction and operation of any activity described in the ECA Number 8898-9HMQ3D dated August 22, 2014. The PLC shall not exercise any supervisory, regulatory or approval functions in connection with the facility or its operation. The Terms of reference and any future amendments thereto, shall be subject to review by the PLC and approved by the Owner and District Manager of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC). PLC members representing Lake Kasshabog are voluntary and selected on the following basis:

  • Two representatives from West Lake Kasshabog

  • Two representatives from East Lake Kasshabog

Current members include: 

  • West Lake Reps- Rob Milne and Rick Rye

  • East Lake Reps- vacant and Peter Patterson

  • Member at Large - Dawn Mitchell

To connect with this committee you can reach out to


Marker Committee

The Marker Committee is an informal group of cottagers who help organize the marker program on the lake. In years past, the Adopt a Marker Program was initiated to ensure the placement of Markers/Flashers throughout the lake. Volunteers adopt Markers/Flashers and ensure their placement in the spring and their removal in the fall, along with their maintenance during the season. Volunteers make this possible so that everyone can enjoy the lake safely throughout the year.  

Ted Ward-Griffin heads up our Marker Team and welcomes your suggestions, observations, and offers to help. Please reach out to him at

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