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Blue Water

Invasive Species

Invasive species are aggressive, difficult and almost impossible to get rid of so it’s important to stop their spread early.   


Action plan: Learn how you can help stop the spread:


Species information and report sighting:

Clean, drain and dry.jpeg

Clean, Drain, and Dry 

All boaters are required, by law, to Clean and Drain (Dry is recommended) their boat before moving to another waterway. Find out more about the right way to do this here:

Anglers can only use Baitfishes and Leeches purchased in the Bait Management Zone (BMZ) where they are fishing.  Kasshabog is in the Central BMZ.


Information about best practices can be found here:

Starry Stonewort.png


Fanwort was first found in Kasshabog Lake in the early 1990s. Sadly it has spread to many areas and continues to spread. The main reason it is spreading is due to the actions of people: 
1. not removing fanwort properly;  
2. operating boats and motors through infested areas creating cuttings.

Each cut piece of Fanwort is likely to grow a new plant ... the more cuttings, the more Fanwort.  It’s important that everyone on Kasshabog read up about Fanwort using the links below. 

How to Correctly Remove Fanwort

Improper removal can spread Fanwort to other areas of the lake and increase the Fanwort where it has been removed.  Proper removal is critical.

1. Hand pull leaving the native aquatic plants. They are needed to keep our ecosystem healthy. It is also illegal to remove native aquatic plants without a work permit.

2. Use a pool skimmer (or butterfly net) for scooping all of the fragments so they can’t start a new plant. 


Make sure to follow the rules for this: Remove invasive aquatic plants |  Please also visit the following web pages to understand additional rules about fanwort and how to identify it: Carolina fanwort |

2022 Interim Report: One Perspective from a Summer Studying Fanwort on Kosh.

Boat Motors

Avoid boating in areas infested with Fanwort.  If that isn’t possible, take a pool skimmer and gather up any fragments and dispose of them properly, far from the water. 

Further Information about Fanwort can be found at:

Starry Stonewort (SSW) 

This invasive species has invaded many local lakes. Stoney Lake has large masses.  Key areas of Kosh were checked during the 2021 summer and we are very happy to report that no SSW was found.  Checking must continue because if it does appear in Kosh, the only hope of possibly eliminating its spread is to catch it early!  Check out the Starry Stonewort ID Guide using the link below.

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