Blue Water

Invasive Species

Invasive species are aggressive and difficult, almost impossible to get rid of so it’s important to stop their spread early.  There is a reason they are classified as invasive. 


Identifying Invasive Species


Action plan: learn how you can help stop the spread:


Species information and reporting sighting:

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Clean, Drain, and Dry 

All boaters are required, by law, to Clean and Drain (Dry is recommended) their boat before moving to another waterway. Find out more about the right way to do this here.

Anglers can only use Baitfishes and Leeches purchased in the Bait Management Zone (BMZ) where they are fishing.  Kasshabog is in the Central BMZ.


Information about best practices can be found here

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Fanwort was first found in Kasshabog Lake in the early 1990’s. Sadly it has spread to many areas and continues to spread. The LKRA is taking a strong leadership role with respect to controlling Fanwort. They have donated funds to a special fanwort study to be undertaken this summer by Trent University and have approached the HBM for a grant to support this effort as well. See recent newspaper coverage concerning the fanwort study that appeared in the Toronto Star and Peterborough Examiner.


Further Information about Fanwort can be found at:


Starry Stonewort (SSW) 

This invasive species has invaded many local lakes. (Stoney Lake has large masses).  Key areas of Kosh were checked during the 2021 summer and we are very happy to report no SSW was found.  Checking needs to continue since if it does appear in Kosh, the only hope of possibly eliminating its spread is to catch it early!