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Blue Water

Tips for Renters & Visitors

Welcome to our Lake Community!  The moment you arrive you feel the hustle and bustle of urban life melt away. The pine-scented air is sweet, the water is clean, wildlife abounds, and starry skies bless each night. Here are the important guidelines that we follow at Kosh to respect and protect each other and this beautiful lake. Thank you for following them too! 

Cottaging and Enjoying Time on Kosh Together:  Kosh is a small lake so neighbors are always close. Noisy pets, loud noise, and excessive lights impact the enjoyment of everyone.  Please respect your neighbours and remember that we all unwind in different ways and noise travels across the lake farther than you think... as do conversations, so keep your volume at a level only you can enjoy.


Septic Systems: If you’re on a septic system it needs to be managed carefully. The best way is to try to limit the use of water and never put harmful chemicals or non-degradable items down the sink or toilet. Use phosphate-free products whenever possible to wash and clean.

Keeping Our Lake Clean At Kosh, we do not bathe, wash our hair or brush our teeth in the lake. We pride ourselves on our water quality and all work together to keep it that way.   

Garbage and Recycling:  Best to keep garbage well locked up or in an animal-proof tin until your trip to the dump. Bears and raccoons just love a midnight snack!  In this Township, garbage is taken to local transfer stations. All garbage must be in clear bags and tagged. Recycle enthusiastically and compost smartly if possible. Click HERE for more information. 

Campfires:   The status of Forest Fire Danger is clearly posted on roads leading to the lake. Since the closest fire station is a distance away, a spreading fire poses a significant danger to all of us! Therefore, only have a campfire when it is safe to do and of course never on windy days. Limit its width and height. Never leave your fire unattended and always keep a water source readily available. When you’ve finished enjoying your campfire, douse your fire thoroughly.  Remember, in HBM Township there is no daytime burning.


Our Amazing Wildlife:   We share this lake with an abundant number of beautiful wild creatures. Whether it’s the deer or foxes in the woods, smaller lake-side animals such as beavers, otters, turtles or our magnificent loons that nest and live in our bays, they deserve our respect and consideration. Never encroach upon their space or follow them in a boat. Just let them be and watch and enjoy them from a distance.


Boats:  If you are visiting our lake from another lake and bringing your boat, you must ensure your boat is cleaned, dried, and drained before launching it into Kosh. Do not clean or empty bait buckets and live bait into the lake as Invasive species such as zebra mussels and spiny water fleas can spread between water bodies causing disease and damage to native species.  

Sports: Environment Canada and Parks Canada prohibited the possession of lead fishing sinkers or lead jigs weighing less than 50 g so avoid using them. As well, please retrieve your fishing line whenever possible, as it poses a considerable danger to our native loons (and other wildlife).  We love golf but ask you not to drive balls into our lake or otherwise litter. If you are boating, you’ll need a Boating license and are encouraged to follow safe practices.  Kosh has many shoals so only venture where you know the water is deep enough. There is no Marina or boat repair on the lake so use caution!   

Fireworks: Firework displays are only permitted on long weekends and during specific hours. A permit must be obtained in advance to ensure all By-laws will be met. For more information visit  Owners are responsible for ensuring these By-laws are adhered to by anyone renting their property. 

           Please download and share this Guide with guests visiting or renting your cottage this year!

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