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Marker Program

LKRA Marker/Flasher Program 

At this year's online Town Hall markers were identified as one of the most important safety needs for our lake. Here’s what Ted and his Marker team are doing about it.

This past year, efforts were made by program volunteers to replace many of the Marker Buoys located around the lake, especially the “Javex Bottle" style of buoys. They are subject to leaking then sinking making them very hard to see. A total of 26 new, orange Buoys were installed and another 19 were identified requiring replacement.  Our goal is to have a consistent look for all markers throughout the lake. We encountered supply chain issues that resulted in delivery delays for several months. For 2022, we placed our orders early and as a result, the first shipment of Buoys arrived on schedule and are now in place.

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Cottagers have said that Buoys are sometimes hard to see, especially at night for water access cottagers.  Historically Buoys have been 10” in diameter but this year we installed some of the larger Buoys 15”-18” in the main part of the lake, retaining the 10” Buoys for areas with less boat traffic.


Another suggestion from cottagers was to install reflective tape on Buoys and consider the use of light Flashers. Last season, we installed reflective tape on a few Buoys in the main lake. Let us know if they are more effective. With respect to Flashing Lights, we try to balance safety with the concern of light pollution affecting cottagers’ quiet enjoyment at the lake. That said, solar lights have improved, are much smaller and lighter and we are going to add a few to the larger Buoys in the main areas of the lake that are located some distance from shore. Please let us know if these solar lights are effective and unobjectionable. 

Adopt a Marker Program:


In years past, the Adopt a Marker Program was initiated to ensure the placement of Markers/Flashers throughout the lake. Volunteers adopt Markers/Flashers and ensure their placement in the spring and their removal in the fall, along with their maintenance during the season. As more people choose to become full-time residents on the lake the boating season has been extended. Special thanks to all the volunteers who make this possible so that everyone can enjoy the lake safely throughout the year. We would also like to thank Kawartha Metals of Peterborough for supplying metal anchors for securing of the Buoys.

Ted Ward-Griffin heads up our Marker Team and welcomes your suggestions, observations, and offers to help. Please reach out to him at

2022 Marker Report

Ted Ward-Griffin shares his 2022 Marker Report.