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Wrap-Up - Kosh Community Town Hall

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

It was a first for the LKRA and the 58 participants and their families who live-streamed the virtual “Town Hall” meeting via Zoom the evening of Jan 19, 2022. Participants enjoyed meeting the LKRA volunteer Executive and hearing what fellow cottagers had to say. Terry Rees, Executive Director of FOCA and well-known lake resident, opened the session after participants received technical meeting tips from Michelle Lewin, FOCA’s Technical guru. The Town Hall was moderated by Anne Rawson, LKRA Communications Director, who introduced the Executive panelists, fielded questions, and conducted polls throughout the meeting.

Nineteen attendees raised issues such as boat safety, public dock safety, illegal camping, future COVIA plans, fanwort status, lack of gas pumps on the lake, fireworks, etc. Each question was fielded by an appropriate member of the Executive Committee. The Plant Manager at Covia was also online to answer resident questions.

Pop-up polls throughout the discussion indicated that: 73% of attendees had been on the lake 20 years or more, the majority were from MacDonald Bay and the Main Lake, that safety emphasis should be placed on increasing markers followed by Fire Pump equipment.

When asked about the best way to build community, 68% of respondents said they’d enjoy more annual events, 73% wanted to share more cottager stories using the website and newsletter and 66% were keen to hold more events online to increase reach and cottager involvement. If you missed the live event, you can still stream it here.

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