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New Pollinator Garden at Kosh Library/Community Hall

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Thank you to Jody Heber for your help researching, selecting, and ordering the new plants for our pollinator garden at the Library/Community Hall. And a big thanks for helping plant these (a rainy is perfect for the new plants). This garden will be so amazing when it’s in full bloom.

A big thank you to the fabulous crew that came to the Kosh Library/Community Hall on Sat May 21 to help with the clean up of the garden. Looking forward to when everything is in bloom in our pollinator garden - the bees and butterflies will be so happy. Crew included: Jan Prentice, Cheryl Leighton, Lorraine Day, Stuart Day, Yvonne Rees, Patty Delsey, Gilles Rioux, Cynthia Cole


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