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Blue Water

Executive Committee

The following residents serve on the Executive Committee of the Lake Kasshabog Residents Association.  All positions are elected positions with a two-year term.  Please feel free to contact any of the following people with your lake issues and concerns. Simply click on their names and you will be directed to their email. 


President -  Jennifer Cummings 
I have lived full-time since 2011 on MacDonald Bay with my husband Bob, and our two dogs, Guinness and Porter. I love all four seasons on the lake (except bug season) and enjoy swimming, boating, campfires, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, golfing, hiking, walking the dogs and having fun when our four grandchildren visit. I’m now retired from my career as a physiotherapist and homecare business owner. I’ve had the privilege of serving on many boards, from a golf course to the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. These experiences have helped contribute to the experience I bring to the LKRA.


Treasurer - Hazel Higley

I’ve been on the LKRA executive for 35+ years and have been Treasurer for the last 30! During this time my banking industry experience has proven an invaluable asset. I’ve also held other roles on the executive including zone rep and marker program coordinator, but I guess I’m best known for my contributions to our annual regatta and being the creator of the famous “candy run”.

a rawson 2pic.jpg

Communications Director- Anne Rawson

I’ve found my communication, marketing and community-building background a good fit for this position. I’ve been cottaging on the lake for 65 years. In fact, 75 years ago, my grandfather was one of the early founders of the first lake association! I’m a confessed water baby and most happy when slalom skiing, rowing, swimming or kayaking. However, enjoying an early morning coffee in the back bay is right up there.


Membership Director-  Jami Sampson

My goal this year is to grow our membership. My husband, Ken, our kids, Nicholas and Lily, and our dogs, Frankie and Clifford can be found at our property in Stoney Lake Bay. Our days are full of fishing, tubing, swimming, kayaking, relaxing on the dock, and spending time with our family and friends on the lake. I am a waterfront Realtor with Ball Real Estate in Apsley and spend my days discovering and showing clients the stunning lakes in Ontario. I’m so fortunate to be passionate about my work and our beautiful lake.

Jami Sampson bio pic_edited.jpg

 Environment Coordinator Position  

This position is currently open on our Executive. Are you a well-organized individual who's comfortable on the computer and working in Google Space? Or,  perhaps you have a passion for the beautiful environment at Kosh?  We'd love to have you join us!


Member at Large - Jennifer Conron

I have been coming to the lake for 25+ years as part of the Milne/Dennison clan who have been on the lake since the 1940s. Recently “refocused” from architecture, I enjoy working on communications projects with the LKRA. When I’m not playing competitive tennis or plein air painting, I enjoy swimming and kayaking in the serene water of Kosh Lake.


Member at Large -  Kathryn Jones  

My family and I purchased on Kosh Lake in 2016 and started to work on improving our property in Stoney Lake Bay. I am currently a Municipal Planner and have worked in Municipal government since 2011. My experiences with various levels of government and my understanding of the land use planning system in Ontario are things that l can share with the Kosh Lake community and the Board.


Gary K.jpg

Member at Large - Gary Kindree

I’m the new kid on the block. Upon retiring after 44 years of dentistry, my partner and I moved here in the spring of 2019, renovated, and now live here year-round. Having served on many boards, I’m looking forward to bringing my experience to LKRA.


Current Board Openings

Your Board is seeking new Board members. We are looking for an Environment Coordinator as well as members interested in the areas of safety, and event planning. Please contact for more information on these opportunities.

Cropped Megan Storie.jpg

Member at Large -  Morgan Storie

I have been a resident of Kasshabog Lake for my entire life. My Grandfather built the family cottage in the 1950s, when my mom was 14 and my parents have continued to expand on its footprint as the family has grown to accommodate the three generations of Kosh kids. I’m a 20+ year seasoned Human Resources Executive with an MBA and experience working in Financial and Professional Services and the Entertainment Media space.



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