Executive Positions Notice

2020 LKRA Executive Elections

The LKRA Executive Committee has recommended that the terms of office for executive members be extended from the existing term of two years to a term of four years.  Such a recommendation requires an amendment to the Constitution through a vote by the membership at the 2020 AGM.  If approved, then all current members will have their terms automatically extended for an additional two years.

Based on the current two year term of office, there are five executive positions, as listed below that would come due for re-election at the 2020 AGM to be held on July 11th.

– President​

– Vice President

– Secretary

– Communications Director

– Members at Large

While these elections will not be required if the term of office amendment is approved, we are preparing for either voting outcome by making members aware in advance of this important proposal and also allowing for members to submit nominations for the above noted positions.

Descriptions of these positions are listed below. Interested applicants are also encouraged to read the LKRA Constitution to be more fully informed regarding the goals and objectives of the corporation as well as the duties and responsibilities of members of the Executive: https://www.kasshabog.ca/lkra-constitution/.

Please submit nominations to President@kasshabog.ca noting the position and the proposed candidate.  Self-nominations are welcomed.

Job Descriptions – LKRA executive



      • Chairs Executive meetings, including the AGM.
      • Provides support to Executive members and maintains oversight of their mandates.
      • Reviews and approves any changes to the Constitution
      • Reviews and approves communications to members, including minutes, agendas, blasts and website updates.
      • Represents LKRA at HBM township and HBM Lake Association meetings, or delegates others as necessary
      • Along with other Executive members, contacts related organizations, such as CVCA and FOCA to research/investigate issues which might affect our lake and communicates findings to the executive and members.


Vice President:

      • Attends executive meetings and fills in for the President when he/she cannot attend.
      • Assists with production of the newsletter, and other communications as required, including writing articles and responses.
      • Listens to and assists residents with their concerns and communicates these to the Executive.
      • Attends meetings of partner organizations if required.
      • Contributes to and participates in Executive meetings; votes on issues raised therein.
      • Takes a lead role in organizing events for the residents, including the regatta.
      • Assists other executive members with other events, goals and plans.



      • Attends Executive meetings, including the AGM.
      • Ensures minutes are correct and safely stored.
      • Develops the Agenda for the AGM and Executive meetings.
      • Communicates dates, reminders to members for AGM.
      • Invites guests to the AGM, including communicating with the town clerk to ensure they are aware of our dates.
      • Prepares/edits items for eblasts and newsletter.
      • Assists other Executive members in organizing events, etc.
      • Supports other Executive members regarding goals and plans.
      • Files online report for incorporation.


Communications Director:

      • Attends Executive meetings, including the AGM.
      • Manages Facebook account.
      • Responds to Facebook messages and brings concerns to Executive meetings
      • Produces Newsletter and organizes its distribution
      • Contributes to and participates in Executive meetings; votes on issues raised therein.
      • Assists other executive members with events, goals and plans.


Members at Large (Two)

      • Attend Executive meetings, including the AGM when possible.
      • Provide input on specific issues when required.
      • Assist other executive members with events, goals and plans.

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