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Since 1958, the annual Regatta has been the highlight of the summer. This event is held on Saturday and Sunday of the August long weekend. If weather doesn’t co-operate, each day’s events get moved to the following day with holiday Monday as the back-up.

The Regatta’s success is due to the many volunteers who bring their enthusiasm and energy every year to the residents and visitors of the lake.

Saturday’s popular events include: the best-dressed canoe parade, water races, such as canoeing and swimming; various “landlubber events” such as horseshoes, nail driving, egg toss, candy run, three-legged race and leap frog, which take place at Half-Moon Bay. There is also an art show held at the Community Hall/Library

This year the Sunday events (except sailing) will be held at Half Moon Bay in MacDonald Bay. The canoe/kayak marathon, volleyball competition and waterski competition will all be held on or near the public beach in MacDonald Bay. The events run from noon to 5 pm. A portable ski course will be set up that morning and removed after the competition is finished. This change of venue from previous years will provide a new viewpoint for these exciting events.
Please note that the permanent ski course will remain in Connor Bay on the north side of Long Island.

To participate as a contestant in the sailing events, or to volunteer , email Michael Worswick  michael.worswick@uwaterloo.ca  who is organizing the sailing event.

CLICK HERE for Sailing rules and course info.


Volunteers are needed as always to help run the events both days….the programs will be ready by early July. We are still hoping to find more pictures from 1958 – 1970.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and we hope you enjoy the Regatta!

LKRA Regatta Committee c/o Regatta Coordinator Thomas Brickell, regatta@kasshabog.ca .

A reminder: your cottage association dues must be paid up to participate in the Regatta. If you have not already paid, please stop by the Membership table on either day to pay your dues.


*Please leave family pets at home.

*Any high school students looking for volunteer community hours please contact us as there are always many little jobs to be done. If anyone would like to assist for an hour or so we always need volunteers. Set up begins at 8:00 on Saturday morning, and at noon on Sunday. Come out and join us.


The Community Hall is open on a seasonal basis (approx. May – October) for community events. This is possible due to the group of volunteers who look after the LKRA Community Hall/Library. They give generously of their time during the warmer months to keep the doors open. Please contact one of the group members (Cathy Cameron, Annamarie Daly, Maureen Nunes or Marilyn Davison) if you have an idea for a community event or would like to book the space for a function.

The Library is open during July and August (see hours below). We always need volunteers! If you are a high school student and would like to volunteer, we can train you and then provide you with community service hours. We encourage all veteran Saturday volunteers and any new recruits to contact Heather Ramsey (705-877-1946) to sign up for Saturday hours at the Library. We are very fortunate to have this service available to our residents! Let’s make good use of this.

Library Hours (July and August)

Thursdays 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm (staffed by HBM librarian)
Saturdays 10:00 am to 1:00 pm (when a volunteer is available


The purpose of the Covia Mine Advisory Committee, better known as the Lake Kasshabogdump-truck Public Liaison Committee (PLC), is to provide for regular communication between Lake Kasshabog residents and Covia:

  • to provide a forum to reinforce a positive and constructive relationship with residents of Lake Kasshabog;
  • to identify and remedy issues in a timely and cooperative manner;
  • to enable development of goodwill initiatives with the community, and;
  • to establish networks and relationships that will help to sustain the facility and minimize any impact on neighbours.

As stipulated in the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA), Covia was required to establish a Public Liaison Committee, to serve as a forum to monitor the construction and operation of any activity described in the ECA NUMBER 8898-9HMQ3D dated August 22, 2014. The PLC shall not exercise any supervisory, regulatory or approval functions in connection with the facility or its operation. The Terms of Reference and any future amendments thereto, shall be subject to review by the PLC and approval by the Owner and the District Manager of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC).

PLC members representing Lake Kasshabog are voluntary and selected on the following basis:

  • Two representatives from West Lake Kasshabog;
  • Two representatives from East Lake Kasshabog;
  • One member at large from Lake Kasshabog.

Current members include:

  • West Lake reps – Janet Humber and Rick Rye
  • East Lake reps – John Davison and Mike Delsey
  • Member at Large – Dawn Mitchell

What’s new at Covia? Covia is in the evaluation stage of developing a modernization plan for its operations at Nephton and Blue Mountain. If approved, modernization could be complete by 2020 and would entail closing and removal of the plant at Nephton and expansion of the Blue Mountain facility.

To learn more about Covia visit their website at: https://www.coviacorp.com/